Your podium in 10 years

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The 5 and under podium - how cute is this!?!?

Yesterday I went back to Theodore Wirth park to watch and cheer for the young skiers that will be gracing the top steps of the podium at JO’s in about 10 years. MYSL (Minnesota Youth Ski League) was hosting the Midwest Junior Championships! It was so inspiring to see these young skiers out hammering the trails, having fun and ripping around the obstacle course set up at the top of the skate park. Watching the skiball tournament was a blast as well! I definitely witnessed a few skiers take one for the team as they’d dive flat-out for the ball, hit the snow with a thud and then a THUNK as their skis went up over and whacked them on the head. And they’d pop right up and charge down the field to do it again!

The "ski-er totter" was an adventurous start to the obstacle course

 Seeing everyone out with their family was a great reminder to me that I do this sport because it’s fun and a great lifestyle, not just for the racing. Ever since I can remember, MYSL has been a part of my life. Every Sunday, my family and I would head to the Willow River state park in Wisconsin, and ski all afternoon with the club. It’s where I made friends and learned to love the sport.

Me and the Miners: Seth, Tim and Stella

This is my first coach ever – Tim Miner. He and his wife Ellen started and coached the Willow River MYSL group and he’s still a part of the club, with his own kids; Seth and Stella! It was really nice to see them at the park enjoying the snow and sharing their love of skiing.

Midwest JO team members at the MYSL day: Keely Jackson, Alayna Sonnesyn, me and Kelin Dunfee

After the races and games, I was joined by some of my Midwest teammates to present a slideshow to the kids, sharing with them why we love skiing and the cool places it has taken us. We also signed CXC posters that were almost as tall as some of the kids!

Keely shares her favorite ski moments.

Young Mr. Jackson ponders his CXC poster

Thanks MYSL for a great weekend!

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