What motivation really looks like:

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If you want to go faster, you have to be dedicated and train a lot. Most anyone can do that. But the real secret to training hard and ENJOYING IT???

It’s easy. It’s called a TEAM.

There are some days when you just don’t want to get up and out the door. But it’s easy to motivate yourself if you know that there will be other people there willing to work and get it done. I know if I drag myself out to the team workout, there will be talented athletes there who will push me and help me through. I know that if I throw the medicine ball up, there’s going to be someone who’ll catch it.

Stillwater Area High School has just such a team. These athletes are more motivated and hard working than many professional teams. There are kids doing summer programs who show up every day, on time, ready to roll.

And it’s awesome.

Sunday night workout with the Stillwater team – they’re out there working hard. A little bit of agility training…

A little bit of rollerboard…

A little bit of plyos…

A little bit of relay racing…

A little bit of core training…

Organized chaos!!!

Having fun is important and we do a good job of it. Especially when there are tons of volunteer coaches willing to jump into a pick up game of soccer!

I was super fortunate to have such an awesome High School team and I’m proud to be an alumni. These athletes are super dedicated, and they’re the ones who motivate me. Professionalism starts at a young age and these guys have got it down.

Pictures taken by: Peter Bohacek

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