What Eurosport doesn’t show you

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I finally got time to sit down and load up a bunch of pictures I’ve taken the past few days…and I realized that there’s a lot going on in a World Cup weekend that the TV doesn’t show you. So,┬áhere’s some of the World Cup scene the way I see it!

My Mom, Kris Hansen and one of her daughters, Siri (photo credit to Betty Santa, my Grandma)

Simply put, CHEERING. IS. HARD. WORK. You have to walk up to the venue hours early to get a good spot, put on a ton of facepaint, make up incredible posters…and my family and friends were up to the challenge! (the Go Team USA poster is currently residing in our wax cabin here in Canmore). To the fans out standing on their feet for hours and losing their voices: you make a difference. You really do!

From left to right: Carl, Blair, Siri, Me, Kris, Deb, Mackenzie, Betty, Clay and Holly. My friends and family who I was lucky enough to spend lots of time with in Quebec!

Inside the FIS Family Tent

FIS ususally puts out drinks and snacks for the athletes, coaches and wax techs, the latter of which put in these ridiculous long hours at the venue. Next they’ll have to put futons in the wax cabins so they can get some rest! I’m only half joking here. But in Quebec (and most everywhere) the venue had a really nice warm tent.

Our wax cabin...this is where the real stuff happens

And then there’s a lot of goofing off and joking around that isn’t always caught on camera. But when it is, it’s awesome.

Skyler and Erik...the other two youngest members of the ski team.


Gus and Cork. Pure awesomeness.

Because the wax cabins in Quebec were a little ways away from the actual race course and we didn’t want to be running around the road in our ski boots, we set up a row of spin bikes inside this iron fence next to the start access area.

Given the row of iron spikes at hip level, that fence was very hard to climb safely.

And we felt a lot like zoo animals when the media gathered on the other side of the fence to watch us warming up on the bikes…animals in our “natural habitat”!

Erik at our changing station

Sadie and Sophie...when they're together they're known as "Sodie"

So….traveling to Canmore! It was a nice 5 hour flight, and on the way I made friends with the flight attendants. They were super fun to talk to and learn about the work schedule and travel involved in flying for a job…theirs sounded not unlike the crazy schedules of an athlete!

Once we got to Canmore, I was so excited to see all these adorable posters that kids made and stuck in the wax cabins, athlete room, and even along the sides of the road and bike paths! This picture is just one of literally HUNDREDS of posters. AWESOME.

How cute is this?!?

The coffee shops here are also pretty sweet. And by that I mean that every single afternoon we’ve gone to visit one of them.

Andy, Sophie, Sadie and Lauren at Communitea

There’s been a weird cold floating around the team, and last night I opened the hotel door to see Andy giving Sylvan a “get well soon” serenade. The song played? Acoustic version of “Lets Get It On”. He’s a wicked good guitar player and by the time he was finished singing doors all down the hallway were propped open!

When in doubt, strum it out

I don’t know any other teams that are this much of a family on the road. Just sayin.

The trails in Canmore are:

1. Perfectly groomed. The trackes were….well…perfect!

Days like this make "going to work" the best thing ever

2. Insanely wide. There were 4 classic tracks and room for a couple skaters in-between. The picture above is actually one of the side trails but the race trails are much bigger.

3. Wicked hard. The race trails have some monster climbs that would be challenging to pace correctly at any altitude, but then the air at 4,500 ft adds a whole new level. At least, when you’re coming off sea level it does!

Holly showing a little love for the mountains

Check out this huge stadium!

Blue sky!

Last but not least – the USST is streaming the races LIVE on their website! Check it out, don’t miss a second of the exciting action: www.usskiteam.com

I’m not racing today because I am not feeling healthy and have to sit it out, which is a major bummer, but hopefully I’ll bounce back in time for the weekend races. In the meantime, please cheer extra loud for my teammates out there this morning!

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