We’re DONE!

By March 25, 2013 No Comments

Yesterday was our last World Cup race of the year! It feels so good to be done, but there’s still Spring Series and National Champs races back home, so I guess this is kind of a “practice feeling like you’re done” moment.

The best part about the race for me was that I was able to let the stress and expectations go and just have fun with it. I suppose starting as bib 38 helped because I knew that if I had a good day, I could ski my way back into the top-30 and thus into the points, but it would be a challenge. And nothing gets me into a better mindset than a challenge! I caught up to Holly and an Italian girl (Debora), and the three of us skied together changing leads. We started reeling people in and it was cool to be able to ski with a teammate.

It was also great to have a distance race where I felt strong and didn’t come unglued till the very end. 🙂 And the race ended up being one of my best distance efforts with a 12th place on the day! I moved up to 26th in the finals mini-tour and Holly finished right behind me in 27th. Kikkan led us ladies with 7th, Liz came in 16th, Ida got 37th and Rosie got 43rd. Then….it was time for awards. Kikkan scored 3rd in the Overall World Cup standings, which is a huge thing, and it was really fun to cheer for her!

I promise to get a season wrap-up post up soon, but right now it’s time to go help set up the stadium area for the Fast and Female event we’re having in Falun. If you haven’t heard of these events before, check out the link: http://www.fastandfemale.com/index.asp It’s going to be really fun to meet 100 young Swedish skiers this afternoon!

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