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Think about it: today is the first day of the rest of your life. So what are you gonna do? Hopefully, something awesome.

Personally, the first day of the rest of my life started out amazing. Waking up to a banana-and-peanut butter pancake was a good way to fuel up for an intense interval session on the Rendezvous Trails. Most of the CXC team did a boatload of hard, fast intervals, ending with a sprint relay with the Green Mountain Valley School kids.

Picture taken by Cork

It was a great way to make a workout fun so you don’t notice as much when you’re suffering. Although I think Gus might have noticed (for video of the sprints, check out CXC’s facebook page. It’s pretty sweet, complete with sarcastic comments on the video).

Since the CXC team has officially signed up for a Dodgeball tournament – which we WILL kick butt in – strength training’s pretty important. Never mind skiing; my main focus now is to learn how to not throw like a girl. So bring on the medicine balls!

Although I may never be able to juggle medicine balls, some quick-steps and agility will come in handy for the “5 D’s of Dodgeball”: dodge, duck, dip, dive and….dodge!

Because if you can dodge an icicle, you can dodge a ball. Even if the icicle is taller than you are. (picture taken by Eric)

One sweet thing about taking a year off from school is that I now have time to do the things I actually enjoy, one of which is messing around in the kitchen. I’ve been learning how to cook way more recipes, and it’s been a very tasty experience.

The bruschetta I made last night…

And tonight Kuzzy made the biggest elk burger in the world.

I think it’s safe to say that the CXC team is doing pretty darn well here in West!

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