Warning: snowmaking starts out as freezing water!

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Overheard 5 minutes into the run part of the team over-distance workout this morning: “Hey…I’ll give you 10 bucks if you stick your head in that snowgun”. So then, of course, it was done. Turns out, snowguns don’t shoot out snow automatically…it starts as a stream of freezing water, which proceeded to freeze Simi’s buff and drip down his shoulders for the remainder of the workout. But he really did hold his own for┬áthe whole 5-second standoff in front of the snowgun.

I thought I was going to pee my pants laughing.

Sylvan also gets an honorable mention for jumping through the spray. Welcome to our team – it seems every day there’s something funny or awesome going on, which makes camp life that much better.

Annie, Soph and I after finishing a workout (E. Packer photo)

The run went point-to-point from Canmore Nordic Center to Banff, and then we checked out downtown a little bit. It’s so pretty there!

Needless to say, the Canmore camp has been going well! I’m starting to get a little tired of the 1.8km loop of Frozen Thunder, but I’m not complaining because it’s so nice to get a feel for skis and really get to nail down some technique work.

The other day we did a 10km time trial (it was actually only 9.2km, so the times make us look like rockstars! Booya!) but it was a 5-lap situation, classical style. We all concluded that it might have been a little nicer had we been on race skis and not training skis (for me, klister rock skis), but that’s part of it – learning to deal with what you’re given. Because there will be days on the World Cup when you forget to ask for an extra layer of kick or whatnot, and you need to just make it work!

For me, a time trial in mid-October means EVERYTHING! Kidding, it was a good workout, but it was actually great practice in getting a good warm-up in, figuring out kick-wax, and getting that good ‘ol bloody taste in the mouth and race-hack afterwards. Yum!

Time for some dry clothes and a warm van! (Annie, Soph and I...E. Packer photo)

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