Tubing on the river, guest coaching Vakava Juniors

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Last Sunday was AWESOME! I got to spend the day on the river at my Pepe and Grandma’s house, and see some of my cousins, aunts and uncles,¬†and friends. One of my favorite parts is our annual “tube wars”, which get pretty intense! All the following pictures are courtesy of Jonn Robinet, my super cool uncle who takes really good shots.

Kenzie about to fall off!

We almost bounced right out!

good times

Toni stomping down our tube

Techniques in tube wars include: stomping the edge of the other person’s tube to make them flip over, distracting the other riders with ridiculous faces/antics, pulling on their life jacket till they fall off, pushing the other tube into a big wave, and jumping onto the other tube and tickling your sister so she lets go of the handles. Clearly, it’s not for the timid.

No, the tube did NOT tip over!

This one hurt the next day!

I was sooo sore the next morning!

Toni and Kenzie on the "flying carpet"...

Monday¬†morning I was able to come guest coach at Vakava Juniors (when I used to train with them, it was called Finn Sisu Juniors). It was great to see the kids working hard at technique, and pushing themselves to get better. I’m not going to lie; I threw some pretty hard strength and core challenges at them, and they were really impressive! Afterwards we refueled with Powerbar products (courtesy of Team Elite Powerbar).

The juniors showing off their powerbars at the end of the workout

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