Today’s 10km skate race

By February 26, 2013 No Comments

Today was the individual start 10km skate race, and something awesome happened – Liz got 5th place!!!!!

me, Kikkan, Liz and Holly in the finish pen, celebrating Liz's awesome race!

I couldn’t be happier or more psyched for her. She is such a hard worker, and I was so darn excited to see this breakthrough and get to cheer for her at the awards ceremony tonight!

The rest of us had solid races but not spectacular ones: I was 23rd, Holly came in 27th, and Kikkan was 30th. Both Kikkan and I were absolutely not recovered from the team sprint and pure emotion of the last few days yet, and couldn’t find that extra gear. That said, I’m still very satisfied with the day, and seeing Liz do so well made the day an amazing and memorable event! And to get all four girls in the top 30 was super cool. The wax techs and coaches nailed it yet again and the skis were lightning fast!

Tomorrow is the boys 15km skate (individual start) and then the next day is the relay. Our team is super excited and gearing up, and this is the team we’ll start: Sadie, Kikkan, Liz then me. I’m already a little nervous and very excited, and I can’t wait to get our striped legwarmers, glitter and facepaint on!

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