The Torsby pre-camp

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While shaking off the jet-lag, Matt, Holly, Ida, Chandra, Kikkan and I stayed in Sunne, just outside of Torsby, and checked out the ski tunnel. It’s SO COOL! And I do mean that literally, since it’s basically this underground freezer.

Spending some quality time jammin in the van

While driving to training each day I’ve been impressed by the amount of green everywhere. Sweden is absolutely beautiful and we’re staying at a super nice hotel by the water, surrounded by woods and ski trails. Couldn’t ask for more!

Here’s a video of some technique sessions we did (taken by Matt Whitcomb). If it looks a little repetative, like maybe we’re skiing the same hill over and over to work on a specific technique thing, that’s because we are! But it’s a cool video if you want to see what skiing in the tunnel actually looks like.


Matt, Ida, Holly and Chandra ready to jump in the van and get to the tunnel

Tips for surviving tunnel training:

  • Don’t. Taste. The. Snow. It’s been in there for at least a year.
  • Switch directions once in a while. It’s TWICE AS EXCITING
  • That said…don’t count laps. You’ll probably go nuts
  • Listen to the awesome jams getting pumped in over the speakers!!! It’s fun to ski in rhythm to whatever song is on.
  • As soon as you’re done, run outside and lay in the grass soaking up sun and eating a picnic lunch

Watching the Olympic marathon while changing boots after skiing

The entryway to the tunnel (usually filled up with test skis)

Tomorrow we drive to Salen, where we meet up with Liz and the Swedish National Team girls! I’m so excited to meet them and get to live and train with these incredibly fast women for a week. It’s going to be super awesome, and I’ll post lots of pictures up along the way. I just recently got a facebook athlete page, and I’ll be putting up pictures in between blog posts up there. Here’s the link: www.facebook.com/jessie.digginsski

Next post will be from Salen!

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