Here we go, you guys. On the eve of the Tour de Ski 2019-20, I’ve put together a ridiculous interpretation comprehensive guide to life inside the Tour de Ski. It’s a wild ride, but it’s also my favorite event of the whole year because of it’s non-stop energy!

When you’re not pumped about leaving Christmas behind.

I had a really incredible week with my family over the Holiday break. It was our first Christmas together in 5 years, and although it flew by, we had an amazing time skiing together, sledding, baking cookies and just enjoying each other’s company.

Family ski up Sertig valley!
The tiniest of gingerbread houses!

But now, it’s time for that thrill ride of a race series…the Tour! I’ll let the photos/gifs do most of the talking.

Fuel is important (always), but especially when you have 7 races in 9 days. Eat up, kids.
When you’re trying to look cool at opening ceremonies.
When you’re trying to get to sleep the night before the first race…but you’re kind of excited.
When you have a good race

The cool thing about the TDS is that whether you had the race you dreamed of or not…you have to get over it and get ready for the next day! And you still get the fun fans yelling and clanging cowbells whether you’re first or last.

When Dario’s fan club comes in with the giant cowbells

Right after the first weekend of races, we pack up and drive to the next venue. The travel between races is almost harder than the races themselves…depending on how many times the vans have to stop.

This always happens between Toblach and Val di Fiemme. It’s not THAT short of a drive, people!

Inevitably, there will be strange weather. Roll with it (or slide with it, depending on what it is).

When the course ices up overnight…and there’s nothing you can do about it.
…and then when it inevitably starts snowing 5 minutes before the start of the classic race.

Remember what I said about getting over your race result, whether it was good or bad? I lied. Definitely take the 10 minutes to celebrate any team podiums that come along. And definitely let the techs take a cut of the massive podium cheese.

When someone scores some podium cheese and JP breaks out his hidden fondue set.

The second travel day this year is from Toblach to Val di Fiemme. It’s sometimes a fun race to see what countries get out the door first.

Wheels up.

As the techs know, your technique isn’t always it’s finest when you’re getting deliriously tired. Sometimes they have to adjust the skis accordingly.

Your wax tech’s reaction when you keep asking for more kick wax as you get more and more tired.

And finally, the worst best part, the totally strange yet epic final climb up Alpe Cermis.

What I think I look like during the final climb.
…and what I ACTUALLY look like. Rare footage of me coming to the finish line of Alpe Cermis (yes, I am a sloth in this moment).

Watch out for the energy crash post-tour! It always comes when you’re least expecting it.

When you find out it’s a 5 course meal and you aren’t going to make it

Wish us luck!

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