The last videos, Alaska update and what comes next

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Sadly, the video fest is almost over. And it was so awesome – thanks to everyone who participated! I loved watching the videos and it really pumped everyone up and got people excited about training together.

Video viewing party! (thanks for Liz for taking the photo)

BUT WAIT!!! It gets better. The judging panel for the contest (the US Ski Team Women and coaches) have watched all the videos (and totally LOVED them!) and we’ll be picking the finalists in the next day or so, and then posting them up to be voted on. So check back here in the next few days, and I’ll post the link to where you can vote on your favorite video.

The Canadian National Ski team ladies:


The Alaska Nordic Racing girls:

The Green Mountain Valley School girls: (this video may still be unlisted, but here’s the link for when it gets updated): 


And soon, the Bend Endurance Acadamy will be submitting a video, so look for it on Youtube!

Here's a little update on how Alaska's been - and most of it has to do with some seriously sweet views! We went for a run around Rabbit Lake, and a few of us jumped into the freezing cold lake.

Except for me. I belly flopped instead.

Pre-belly flop take off! (photo credit Holly Brooks)

Kikkan took us on a little tour to see the sweet view over Anchorage. You can’t see all the mountains in this picture but on our ski today it was clear enough to see Denali.

Kikkan, Liz, Me, Lauren and Greta looking out over Anchorage

A distance double-pole roll (photo from Lauren Loberg)

Today we had a 3.5 hour distance classic, and we took the bike paths all around in a “Tour of Anchorage”. It was really sweet to see the sea, ski through Kincaid park and through the city. We also did some serious off-roading under bridges and over rocks. Pretty intense stuff! But it’s been sunny out (I’m knocking on wood as I write this. No, seriously, I am), so hopefully we’ll get a few sunny days when we go up to the glacier this Sunday.

Ummmm...can you say RUDY PROJECT HELMETS and MARWE SKIS???? So awesome. (photo from Lauren Loberg)

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