The Jump Towers

By October 14, 2010 No Comments

On one of the nice sunny days we’ve had out here in Placid, I took a stroll down to the jumping complex.

There were lots of people as it was the “flaming leaves” jumping competition, but I snuck up the back way because I forgot my card that says I’m staying at the Olympic Training Center and therefore are allowed on the chairlift. Luckily, I didn’t get kicked out.

The shorter of the two towers had an unlocked door at the bottom…and since nobody was looking….and since I don’t always listen to the rules anyways…I climbed 200 stairs to the top of the tower and got some sweet pictures!

And wow, was it windy up there!

If given the choice between ski jumping or facing an angry hippo, I’d probably take the hippo. It would be less painful!

I’m still in Lake Placid until Saturday when I go home to visit my family – I miss them a lot and can’t wait to see everybody!

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