The Higher you get, the higher you get!

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I’m still in Sun Valley, Idaho, training with the US Ski Team and the Sun Valley Olympic Development Team…and it’s been awesome! There’s been a lot of tough time trials and interval sessions, and some really sweet distance workouts. But so far, my favorite was a 3 hour 15 min run on the Pioneer Cabin Trail up in the mountains. We climbed up to 9,500 feet and right at the top was a cabin with “The Higher You Get, The Higher You Get” painted on the roof! Awesome. And true.

(picture from Google)

The run that day really reminded me why I’m a skier. For me, it’s not about winning and racing and medals – it’s about the lifestyle and training. It’s about running up in the mountains with sweet 360 degree views. It’s about having fun!

I’ve not been super diligent about taking pictures (sorry!), but there are amazing shots from camp on the NCCSEF website – www.nccsef.org. Pete has been taking great photos and posts almost every day, so it’s a great site to check out.

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