The fun stuff that happens when I get to come home

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Wow, I LOVE being home! I forget sometimes how wonderful fall in Minnesota is, and it’s so beautiful driving through Afton with the trees turning leaves and hanging over the road. Especially since there’s so many people out enjoying the good weather – I must have seen at least 30 rollerskiers and bikers out yesterday in the 10 minutes I drove through Afton.

Making one of fall's most delicious drinks!


Mackenzie and Megan pouring the cidar

The Beech family invited a bunch of the skiers and friends from the Stillwater High School team over to help pick apples and press them into cider, and they have this really cool cidar press that takes at least 3 people to work at once. It tasted delicious!

The ski team girls with a sample jug of cider - one of the 28 gallons pressed!

Everyone’s hands got super sticky sweet, and there were little bits of apple flying all over whenever the wheel got turned really energetically.

At the Art in the Park fair going on in downtown Afton, I got the most delicious acorn squash from my favorite booth…Siri and Carl Bohacek! I had the honor of going for a roll with their mom, Kris, ¬†earlier – a good Sunday morning tradition that I look forward to every time I come home.

Siri and Carl manning the squash station

Then I got to plant some bright fall flowers in the garden and help my Dad wash the deck and burn buckthorn…some fall chores that I was excited to be home to help with, since I’m never around to do my share normally!

Art in the Park

My Dad had returned home just before I did, from a hunting trip down in South Africa, just outside of Kimberly. We all piled on the couch as my Dad scrolled through the amazing pictures of wildlife he took, including lions, zebras, warthogs, giraffes, impala, wildebeest, and springbok. He also had cool stories of the culture he experienced down there, and it was so neat to hear about a place that skiing will never take me but would be really fun to visit and learn more about.

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