The end of World Juniors – out with a bang!

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Holy cow, today’s been an absolutely huge day! With 4 races going on I have no idea how the coaches and wax techs kept up with it all! First we had the junior women’s 4×3.3km relay, in which we finished 7th. I’m so totally excited because we moved up a place from last year! The relay went like this: Amy Glen scrambled (classic) and tagged off to Kinsey Loan, who then tagged of to me for the skate half of the relay. I tagged Joanne and she anchored us for a solid 7th place. I’m also extremely excited about finishing second for lap splits to Heidi Wang (Norway) by 5.4 seconds. It was definitely a successful day – and we definitely had some crazy fast skis (yeah Salomon!)

Results with splits for each leg are linked HERE.

There was a LOT of cheering going on today!

After the relay, we travel waxed our skis, packed out bags and set out for a long day of spectating! And we did some HARD CORE cheering. We had numerous US flags and signs, and I do believe we also had the loudest voices on the whole course. I’ve linked the results from the whole week HERE.

Erik Bjornsen anchoring the men's relay; Dan yelling on the side!

The junior mens 4x5km relay went second, and they ended up finishing 10th in a close sprint with Canada. Then a short while later, the Women’s 15km pursuit race set off, and Sadie led the US with a 17th place finish.

Bender and Becca starting the skate portion of the women's 15km pursuit

The last race of the day was the mens 30km pursuit, and it was so much fun to cheer as the sun came out and it was an absolutely gorgeous day!

Early on in the classic portion of the mens 30km

Noah led the US men with a 22nd place finish, but the coolest part of the whole day was seeing Alex Harvey crush it today and WIN THE WHOLE DARN RACE!!!! It was totally inspiring to hear an anthem other than Norway being blasted in the stadium.

Tad's in the green hat on the left!

I’m giving a huge shout-out to all the coaches and wax techs for all their hard work and patience in dealing with US. And thanks also to NCCSEF for all the support. It wouldn’t have happened without you!

So now I’m headed over to Madona, Latvia, with the Scando Cup team….and pretty much the only thing I know about Latvia is that car-jacking is basically a sport. The next week should be very interesting!

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