The distance races

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It’s truly amazing what a few days of colder weather, a couple snow guns, and a lot of hardworking volunteers can do to a racecourse! I’m super impressed with how we now have a 2.5 km loop that’s well covered and groomed, and every day I’ve seen people out shoveling or picking out rocks from the snow. My skis are deeply thankful!

So I realize this is slightly delayed, but here’s the rundown from the last two races at Nationals: on Wednesday we had the 10km (women) and 15km (men) classic race. It was pretty fun doing a race where you had four laps, because you could memorize every inch of the course and I knew what I needed to be doing technique-wise during the race. I was super nervous starting as bib #2, but luckily I started behind Liz so I got to pace myself off of her and try to catch up the whole race. At the end of the day, I finished 4th, Jennie got 6th, Maria got 12th, and the complete results are linked here. (All of the results from Nationals can be accessed from this page). Santi was top dog for the CXC men, in 13th, with Cook in 16th and Gregg in 18th, and the rest of the results can be accessed in the link above.

Picture taken by Ian Harvey of Toko – thanks to him for the great wax.

Aaaaand……Tad won the 30km skate race yesterday! It was super exciting to be out in the woods cheering for all our guys and counting laps for them (they had to go around the course 11 times). Props to the girls as well – Caitlin led the ladies with a 4th place!

Tad en route to a win – I also really enjoyed the local newspaper’s headline, which read “Elliott wins by a Tad”.   🙂

I didn’t race, opting for more volume training this week so instead I did a long distance ski before chillin’ in the woods to cheer. It was a long day at the venue, and an exciting one. Now I’m looking forward to the skate sprints, which start tomorrow!

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