The Clumsy Award…and cool pictures from Durango

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So…I fall a lot. I fall often, and at inconvenient times. Like the first day of the USST camp in Sun Valley. On the warm up before a speed workout. When I hit the gravel, all thoughts of trying to make a good impression went straight out the window. On the other hand, it made me fearless. When your leg already looks like a pizza, you don’t really worry about falling anymore!

Travis said I won the “toughness award”, but in reality it’s more like the “girl falls down, gets all bloody and is too embarrassed to complain award”. Oh well – can’t win ’em all. The camp’s been great anyways – lots of super nice athletes from all over to train with!

Here’s some sweet pictures from the last few days of my stay in Durango – this is Baker’s Bridge, a great place to jump from.

Tad and I did a lot of interval workouts up Shalona. It is a super sweet hill – nice and long without much traffic!

Tad cranking out some intervals

We hiked up Hogsback, which overlooks the town the Fort Lewis, the college on the plateau.

It was such a fun visit and I was sad to leave Durango. Now I’m in Sun Valley until the 19th and having a blast training!

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