The 2018 Olympics

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Breaking news – we now know where the 2018 Olympics are going to be! They’re in South Korea, in the city of PyeongChang. More information can be found at THIS LINK.

In other (slightly less exciting) news…we got to tour the gymnastics/skateboarding/biking camp at Lake Owen yesterday, and it’s pretty much the dream camp filled with toys. If I won the lottery, I would most definitely create¬†a camp like this. And the most impressive thing about the camp? A ton of the kids were under 10 years old, and they were already pulling some incredible moves. It was really fun to watch.

We got to look in on skateboard practice.

They had three huge gyms; one with tumbling gymnastics matts, one with bars and pommel horses, and one for skateboarders with ramps and random bars and ramps to grind. There was also a dirt mountain bike track, and a large waterfront with a blob, waterskiing, tubing, wakeboarding, and (wait for it…) a 200 foot slip n’ slide right into the lake! Ooooh yeah.

Gus at the top of the slip n' slide

It was awesome to tour the place but it also made me a little depressed since our workouts involve a lot of hard sweaty workouts in the heat and cold instead of jumping into foam pits and learning sweet tricks! Oh well, maybe in my next life….

One of the skateboarders jumping down the stairs.

And today the juniors are moving in for the start of their camp, which should be sweet! I’m looking forward to some big group workouts.

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