Swedish TV guys and lots of clinics

By October 3, 2012 No Comments

Last week while I was home I got to show two Swedish media guys around Afton. Jonas Karsson and Per, the cameraman from SVT station came over and got lots of footage for a small 5-15 min documentary-type thing that will be aired the weekend of the first World Cup races in Sweden. They were both super nice and it was great to meet them and get to show off Minnesota a bit!

Per and Jonas

During my 5-day stint at home, I did a couple clinics, one of which was in the cities with Ahvo of Finn Sisu. It was a great turnout and we covered various technique drills and mobility stretches, and hopefully everyone left having learned a new drill to add to their fall dryland routine.

I also joined the Sisu juniors training group for some double-pole intervals, and it was fun to see some new faces as well as some skiers that were in junior high while I was a senior. They did a great job pushing hard in the intervals while working on keeping good technique during the session.

The Sisu training group

Right before I left, I did the “walk down memory lane” and spent a morning at my old high school, Stillwater. It was so cool to see my teachers, and sit in on a rehersal of the Concert Orchestra (they’re very, very good). I also did a couple presentations for Mrs. Stippel’s AP english classes on what it’s like being an athlete for a job right out of high school. It was so fun to be there!

Now I’m hanging out in Park City, Utah, ready for our next team camp to start. The first few days I spent mostley in the Center of Excellence doing testing (I somehow managed to mess up my hemoglobin test twice in a row, but the third time around it gave accurate results) and now I’m just letting my body acclimate so I don’t dig myself into a hole before camp even starts!