St. Croix Valley Ski Club

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Today I joined the St. Croix Valley Ski Club for an afternoon ski equipment swap, and a kid’s clinic where we worked on balance and jumping. Then we got to the fun part: games! Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that the most important part of training is having fun and enjoying being active, and working with youth ski groups is always a great reminder about why I got into skiing in the first place.

Working on our balance and skate movements!

The best part of playing games is that you’re setting the groundwork for fundamental movements that will help later in life and in other sports, but don’t even know it because you’re having too much fun! For example: when we played fish and minnows, the kids worked on their sprinting and agility, learning to either be quick on their feet or get tagged. When we had team relay races, they learned how to work together to get the entire team across the line. When we played spud and capture the flag, I was very impressed with the energy and good sportsmanship.

Racing back in a team relay

Even though there was a little rain later in the afternoon, nobody took it as a sign to stop or quit playing, and by the end of the clinic I was really tired but happy. It was a fun afternoon and really nice to meet more of the St. Croix Valley skiers, and I know they’re all set up for a great winter learning new skills on skis.  

Getting the leg swing down - working on classic technique!

Photos taken by St. Croix Valley ski club members. Thanks!

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