Spring skiing doesn’t get any better than this

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Well, this is it: this skiing in the sun through slightly slushy snow, in a t-shirt, getting a sunburn (just kidding I put sunscreen on) is the perfect spring series. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Our team is staying at a really nice house by the lake, at Kings Beach. It was given to us for the duration of Spring Series by Jill North – thanks a ton Jill! Below is the link, if you’re ever in the Tahoe/Truckee area:

Yesterday we had the first Fast and Female event in California at the Auburn Ski Club (where the first three races are hosted). It was a really fun event and all the girls left with posters, smiles, and tired legs from all the skiing and dancing they were doing!

Dancing on the outside deck (Mark Nadell photo)


Liz and I ran the dancing on skis station (Mark Nadell)


The girls having a snack while listening to "inspirational story time" (Mark Nadell photo)

What I think is especially cool about these events is that they work both ways; yes, the main goal is to inspire the girls to work towards their goals fearlessly and to keep sports in their life. Thus: “Spread the love, dominate the world!” But as an ambassador, I also leave every event feeling inspired. Seeing these girls challenge themselves, make new friends, and seeing my fellow ambassadors work so hard to make sure everyone has fun and the event is a success…I can’t help but walk away feeling good!

All hands in the middle! (Mark Nadell photo)

Tomorrow is the skate prologue, the first event of the mini-tour. I am actually pretty excited to see what my body has left me with, because a week ago I was sure I was done. I wasn’t mentally ready to race, and I was physically wrecked after a long season and then a lot of travel. But after taking a short break, and then getting back into skiing the last couple days, I’m psyched and suprised to find that I’m looking forward to racing again, and I hope my muscles feel the same way 🙂 I guess the allure of a challenge (a mini-tour and then a 30km in slush? Only the Tour de Ski is harder)…it gets me every time.


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