Speed Skating World Cup plus (YAHTZEE!) another video

By October 23, 2011 No Comments

Last night, I went to watch the short track Speed Skating World Cup at the Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City. SO COOL! Besides getting to meet more of the Bialthalon team and Nordic Combiners (spectating was very social during ice cleaning breaks), watching and cheering for the USA and Canada was a total blast. I don’t know enough of the rules to understand when there are fouls, but there were some exciting moves and crashes taking place!

And the relays were even more exciting to watch as the teams tagged off by giving their teammate a huge shove forward. It looked like it was super hard to pass since they tagged off so often and the track was so short. There were also some tag accidents with teams criss-crossing over and then crashing. If the person crashing to the ice managed to tag their teammate before sliding way out of the way, the team could usually catch back up and stay in the running. If not….they got lapped. Major Bummer.

I am ashamed to say I forgot my camera, so I can’t put up pictures or videos of the event. Instead, I have something that might be even better…another CXC Women’s team video spoof! This one makes fun of what many people assume Nordic Ski training must look like. Please, please, please…..don’t take it too seriously 😉 In real life, we don’t train like that at all!

Enjoy! I’m about to go out for my last rollerski in Utah….L4 intervals striding. Should be tough but fun!

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