Speed. It’s a tricky thing.

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We just finished up with a camp full of speed work and sprint starts. And as exciting as it is to be going fast, technique and coordination become more important than ever! Gus and Cork have been doing a lot of camera work and spending a ton of time on technique with each athlete. I think it’s pretty impressive that they can keep straight who’s working on what, since it seems like each member of the team is targeting a different area of their technique right now!

Over-speed double pole sprinting (picture taken by Gus Kaeding)

One workout we do a lot of is 3 sets of 6-8×15 second sprints. We start out doing sprint starts, then the second set is uphill transitions, and the last set are drop-in speeds. It’s really good for working on quick turnover, as long as you get lots of rest in between so each sprint is snappy. I’ve been working on getting my hips forward over my ankles, and using my lats more. It feels like each tiny improvement takes a whole summer, but that’s why this sport is so challenging. I like it!

After camp, I got to show Sara Hewitt around Afton for a day! (she’s staying in the Midwest to run the Birkie Trail Run next weekend) We went on a rollerski tour, and to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market. I love going there because there’s so much to see, the live music is good, the flowers are beautiful, and the roasted corn on the cob is to die for.

And this is just a small part of the market!

This coming weekend, I’ll be working at the Gear West Superfit. If you’re around, you should definitely come check out their store, and meet some of the CXC team, who’ll be there helping fit Salomon skis. There’s also a dryland clinic and trail run. Looks like it’ll be a busy weekend!

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