Some annual Lake Placid camp activities

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There are some training camps that we do every year…with the same workouts in the same places with basically the same group of people. This is really nice because it’s so familiar and you know exactly what you’re supposed to accomplish with the session. The only downside is that sometimes those workouts are pretty painful, and you know exactly what’s coming!

There’s Climb to the Castle, for starters:

The girls right at the start (Fasterskier photo)

This race is a 5 mile climb up Whiteface Mountain. You get absolutely no recovery and at the top every year I’ve done it it’s been foggy/rainy and ridiculously windy! But every year we do it and I look at it as a better way to do intervals and get mentally tough. Liz shot off and won by a mile (almost literally, I think)!

We also went to Pirate’s Cove to play mini-golf, with a team-wide tournament that involved a lot of goofing around but also a lot of hole-in-ones!

The guys hammering in a tight pack (Whitcomb photo)

Today we had a long workout in the hard rain, which was challenging but good to finish. We did 4-6 by 10 minute L3, on fairly flat terrain so you had to be moving quick and there was no recovery during the intervals. The ice tub afterwards felt pretty good!

The girls - you can't see how hard it's raining from the photo though! (Whitcomb photo)

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