Snowflakes, headaches and bears…Oh, my!

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Wow. Just….wow!

Compton and I cruising

Breaking tracks through sparkling powder, gliding through peacefully silent woods…the first ski of the year never fails to amaze me, and remind me how awesome this sport really is. It’s sometimes easy to lose perspective when rollerskiing all summer and fall, but once I hit the snow I’m totally motivated all over again.

The guys, following the tracks…

Of course, the huge bear tracks right next to the tracks made the ski pretty exciting, as I fully expected to see the actual bear around every corner. Sadly, we didn’t encounter the bear, although on second thought maybe that’s a good thing.

Everyone was super excited to jump in the van and GET ON THE SKIS!

I thought I’d been drinking enough water, but I woke up this morning with a dehydration headache. Turns out, just water doesn’t do much, and Gatorade¬† keeps you hydrated much, much longer. So now I’ve redoubled my efforts to acclimate properly. Without the headache, thank you very much!

Compton and Cork posing it out!

The road on the drive up to the plateau where we skied.

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