Short and sweet update from Vermont

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I’d always thought of Vermont as the land of Maple Syrup, green mountains, and ski schools. While all those are true (and very nice), there’s so much more to Stratton Mountain and VT than I realized! First of all, there are stunning views almost everywhere you look…it reminds me a lot of MN actually, except with mountains everywhere. Second, the SMS school has one bad-ass-music-pumping gym, and there’s also a dance camp here for the summer so there’s a whole lot of pink and sparkles running around. Third, everyone on the team here is so energetic and ready for anything, from hard-core training sessions to jumping into waterfalls afterwards.

Introducing...the SMS T2 Elite Team! (photo by Liz Kantack)

The last few days have been packed full of training, swimming in lakes and streams, meeting new teammates, moving into our condo for the summer, and trying to remember names. SMS T2 Elite team trains with the SMS junior training group quite often, and there’s an impressive number of kids out hammering on the road. We’ve got a good system down where the juniors jump in behind us – and in front! – during intervals and distance training sessions, and then peel off when they’ve put in their time.

Doing some no-poles drills (photo by Liz Kantack)

Yesterday we had a really nice open technique clinic, swim and cookout. With no internet (yet) at our house, I was a little late getting pictures but our coaches have been doing a superb job of documenting the past weeks of training and fun, with tons of photos. Here is a link to the SMS siteĀ – check it out, it is WELL worth your time. There’s some great blog posts, pictures and info about the team I’m so excited to be a part of!


I’ve also linked the SMS blog in the blogroll on the right side of my website – check there for links to other skier’s websites and I promise to get a more detailed post up soon.

Happy Summer!

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