Running in the East – a bunch of sweet pictures

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Sorry it took me a while to get these up – these are pictures from runs/interval workouts taken by me, Jennie and Gus.

The fall leaves are really beautiful right now, and in the rare day of sunshine out here in the east, it’s amazing!

An epic stream crossing during a 3 hour 15 min run up Giant Mountain

There were some sweet views but up at the very top there was only frost on all the trees and a ton of fog!

The trail was actually really steep but, sadly, pictures take away all the angles. Cork, Jennie and Tad catch a break on our climb up Giant.

It’s always fun to do intervals in a sweet location!

Some hard L4 ladder bounding intervals.

This is adorable. Matt (aka “Chuck Norris”), Kuzzy, Gregg and Tad after a hard workout.

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