Rumford…here we go!

By December 31, 2011 No Comments

Well, here we are! Ready for the 2011-12 National Championships. Rumford has done a great job prepping the trails. In a year when there hasn’t been great snow anywhere on the East coast, they managed to put together some very good sprint loops, and when the spread the snow they’ve piled up along the distance loop, I assume it will be pretty awesome. I’m just happy to not be rollerskiing! When it started raining this morning it started to put a damper on the day but once it stopped it actually helped the snow stick better…so there you are. Rain is a good thing (but usually not in January).

The CXC team is staying in a house in Byron, about 20 minutes away from the race venue, and the CXC junior team is one house down. It’s a super awesome setup BUT there is no internet or cell service, so I find myself sitting in a corner of the McDonalds writing this. I swear I can actually feel the grease in the air settling onto my hair and clothes, so I’ll keep this post quick. 🙂

Yesterday Jennie and I got to meet and ski with some of the kids from Dirgo Middle School, which was really cool. It was great to see such enthusiasm and race mini-sprint relays with them!

About to get into some balancing acts! (photo by Erin Cox)

Here’s the race schedule, starting Monday: skate sprint, 10km skate, 20km mass start classic, and a classic sprint. I’m kind of excited-nervous for the races but I already put in all the training during the summer, fall and start of winter so as long as I don’t fall I think I’ll be ok 🙂 (if you haven’t heard about last year’s sprint…it was crazy. Look in the “archives” on the side of the website to find the blog). I’ll be writing updates and linking race results along the way.

Happy New Years!