REG Photos

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So I cannot take credit for taking ANY of these…but I CAN claim to have been a part of them! REG ended yesterday and it was an awesome camp with juniors from across the midwest getting together at the Cresthill Resort in Hayward to duke it out in sprints and time trials, and train hard. Good times, especially in the lake after the workouts (sadly, no pictures from that but we did swim across the lake several times and managed to survive the man-eating muskies).

Casualties from tug o war. It’s fierce!

Epic. Enough said.

The strength test was (and will always be) hard.

The sprint time trial was awesome because we started out backwards over the start line, and after a couple meters flipped a 180 and did the rest of the sprint facing forwards. *If we could flip a perfect 180, we got a second taken off of our time, which was way cool. So then we sprinted up the hill weaving around cones all the way, jumped into the ditch and bushwacked around a cone and spun around a tire before weaving back down the hill. It was the best ever for building coordination!

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