Racing Downtown Minneapolis

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In between races at Junior Nationals here in Minneapolis, we’ve found lots of time to explore downtown. The Marriott hotel is right near Macy’s and a plethora of other places to shop. Yesterday, I took the lightrail to the Mall of America with Libby, Rosie and Elizabeth. While we might have confused the owner of the dress shop, we had a ball trying on “princess dresses”.

Rosie, Me, Elizabeth and Libby

Cinderella didn't actually have a fairy godmother - she had the Mall of America!

 Today, we raced the 5km skate (10km for J1 and OJ boys). Since it was an individual start, and the course was only one lap, my plan was to hammer right from the gate and try to pull every second I could out of the transitions; going into every hill hard and pushing over the tops. It was also extremely motivating to hear not only my parents out on the course with cowbells, but my Pepe, Uncle Peter and cousins Cal and Tony. It’s not every day that I get to race and see family at the same time!

 We also went and bought glitter and face paint for the 3x3km classic relay tomorrow (it’s a super important tradition, and one that makes you race faster. Trust me.) The relay team I’m a part of is led by Libby in scramble leg, Elizabeth in 2nd and I get to anchor. With only a 3km loop, tagging off is going to be crazy as the teams might still be tight together!

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