Racing and Podium pictures from Sun Valley

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Sooooo I realize these are a little late going up, but late is better than never, right?!?

On the podium

Holly and I battling it out at the end of the 10km

Racing that hard really takes it out of you!

The day of the classic sprint was so warm, we raced in tank tops! (and got a ferocious sun burn)

Annie Pokorny, Annie Hart and I getting our cooldown jog on!

Starting up "the wall" in the hill climb

The view at the top of the hill climb. (But I'm not looking at the view - I'm looking for the finish line!)

(pictures sniped off of Facebook – taken by many skiers including Annie Pokorny, Andrew Dougherty, Sadie Bjornsen, CXC and Lauren Fritz).

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