Quebec Sprints and the BEST. FANS. EVER.

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WOW WHAT A WEEKEND!!! It was such a great time here in Quebec City for team USA…and all our friends and family here!

Quick note on the fans: YOU. TOTALLY. ROCK.¬†When I saw a bunch of people with glitter and facepaint on, and wearing striped socks….well, that totally made my day, since that’s our girls team thing and it’s such a cool way to show support! I feel so lucky to get to race with the “home-town crowd” giving us wings.

The whole SMS team came up to cheer! Socks and facepaint....noticed, and loved. (SMS pic)

Today’s sprint was really sweet since we qualified five women (Kikkan, Sadie, Me, Sophie and Becca) and Andy into the rounds. Only Kikkan and Andy moved on…and boy did they ever do well! Kik won and Andy placed 5th, and I’m so proud of them.

My quarterfinal was a little rough for me…I caught a ski tip on the downhill over the bridge and crashed. I worked my hardest to catch the group and caught the tail end of them in the last couple hundred meters, but then had nothing left. The hard part for me was that I’d been feeling really good, but that’s sprint racing – sometimes you go down hard! And just because I wasn’t super pumped on my race doesn’t mean that I wasn’t REALLY EXCITED about the day as a whole! It was so cool to see my teammates do so well, and I’m especially excited for Sophie qualifying in her first WC and for Sadie and Becca to have such strong races.

Tomorrow we’re flying out to Canmore to get ready for the next weekend of the World Cups. This thing¬†just keeps on rolling!

Here’s a bunch of pictures from yesterday that I’ve nabbed from various photographers!

You have to ham it up when you can! (Fasterskier photo)


(Kris Dobie photo)


(Fischer Sports photo)


The press conference (Peggy Shinn photo)


Jumping onto the stage (Brooke Mooney photo)

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