Pictures from West…hammer time

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It's shots like this that confirm my desicion not to cut my hair!

Today we did some seriously awesome intervals, as a group! It’s always so nice to know that even if you’re suffering, your teammates are cheering you on and vice versa. Cork took all these money shots and did lactate pricking.

Pristine tracks

Jennie and I...on the pain train!

Intervals at altitude are sometimes tricky when you’re not adjusted, because once you cross over your threshold line, you can go downhill pretty quickly. But by now I’ve learned the hard way enough times to have a better idea where exactly my red line is!

I love the new jackets! Thanks Bjorn Daehlie

We also got new suits this year – going with the Bjorn Daehlie clothing line. Although now, we’re all in red instead of black. I realize that the CXC team’s changed race suit colors quite a bit over the past few years, so here’s a super-oober cheesy line to help remember! “The crew in blue was back in black but now we’re rocking red”. Yes, I think I need to start getting serious homework so I don’t keep thinking up crap like the above 😉 Anyways, can’t wait till all my highschool buds show up tomorrow!

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