Photos from Sun Valley

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I’m quickly falling into the habit of making regular and rather lengthy appearances at the Java coffee shop. It’s the best place to sit and read, I swear! I decided to take the longer walk back home today instead of the bus and instantly wished I had on boots and snowpants so I could join the people sledding down a HUGE hill on the side of the path.

I've gotta get myself a pizza box to sled on...

I really couldn't agree more!

If you’re into the lulu lemon stores (they sell really high-quality clothes, and yoga stuff) you should check out the new store Kate Whitcomb works at – it’s super nice! I got to visit her today and check it out.

Downtown Ketchum

The fact that you don’t need a car and can walk everywhere here really appeals to me. Or maybe I just want to walk because it’s so pretty?


We’ve been skiing at Lake Creek trails, where the races will be held. It’s cool that the trails are wide open and you can see the skiers for most of the course. Should make the longer races more interesting!

View from the stadium

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