Olympic Gold Medalist


Check out my book!

Check out my book!

Travel with Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins on her compelling journey from America’s heartland to international sports history, navigating challenges and triumphs with rugged grit and a splash of glitter

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Moving forward with a positive mindset


It’s been a busy spring. For you, for me, for all of us. It’s been a time of feeling unsure of how to move forward, second guessing plans that were made, and realizing that we can’t take things for granted.  But we are moving forward, slowly but surely!  It took…

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ED Awareness Week Part 2: The Support Team

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We’re back, with part two of eating disorders awareness week; the support team. Parents, teammates, coaches, teachers, friends…you have the most important job of all. We need you. We need your strength, your cheering, your compassion, your patience, your unconditional love. But you might need a few tools and tips…

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