Opening Ceremonies in Oslo!

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Tonight I got to experience the crowds lining the most famous street in Oslo, that leads from the palace past the National Theatre. People showed up to cheer and wave flags for their favorite countries, as the athletes, accompanied by a flag-bearer and a group of school kids decked out in the country’s flags, proudly marched past.

Tad and I surrounded by AMERICAN PRIDE!

The stage where they set up a huge screen and made opening speeches.

While it’s true that I race tomorrow, and I probably shouldn’t have spent so much time on my feet the night before, it’s super important to me to stay relaxed and really soak up the experience. So I had a blast!

Sadie, Lars and I in front of the castle.

The palace is pretty neat; when the flag is all the way up, it mean’s the King is present. And guess what? DA KING IS IN THE HOUSE!

100% EXCITED! These kids were sweet.

There were lots of intricate ice and snow sculptures on the streets.

The two lines of countrys filed in to where the crowds were on the main street.

There were two loooong lines of kids waving flags from every country, and it took a while for us to finally get to the street!

Part of the crowd as we marched down the street.

I’m very excited for tomorrow’s sprint! Wish the USA luck!

(All pictures from the lovely Holly Brooks!)

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