Open Trails and GIRL SCOUTS!

By November 17, 2010 No Comments

First of all, can I say how amazing it is to finally be on great trails, cruising through a winter wonderland? A thousand thanks to the crew grooming the Rendezvous ski trails, which are open and perfect for skating and classic. There’s still a few twigs poking through on the stretch of trail leading from the warming hut to the main trails, but once you get there, the snow’s good enough for racing!

Kuz, Compton and me doing intervals (picture taken by Gus on Kuzzy’s camera).

I’m excited to test out my new skis, and to get them prepped and ready to test I’ve spent upwards of 5 hours in the wax room; mounting bindings, marking kick zones, putting in layers of wax and scraping so much my thumbs are numb! But it’s all worth it, especially when there’s good music to wax to.

Aaaaand…..girl scouts! I’ve never been one, although I HAVE enjoyed their cookies many a time. Particularly thin mints. Especially when they’re frozen. Anyways, I joined Caitlin Compton and Brian Gregg today at the West Yellowstone K-12 school to play games and get to know the kids. While Gregg worked with the after school program, Caitlin and I played “squirrel olympics” with the girl scout troop. It was fun being outside and seeing the girls having a blast in the snow, and I even got to join in on the special girl scout “squeeze” goodbye!

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