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Okay ladies – there’s only one week left till the deadline to enter the Women’s Video Challenge! Get your training group together and start filming. It doesn’t have to take long or be too fancy, but we’re looking to have as many entries as possible! See if you can beat the videos put out by the US Ski Team Women, the eastern regional elite camp girls, the CXC elite women and the CXC elite juniors.

Here’s more information on the contest:

The goals of the challenge are to promote women training together, emphasize the importance of group training sessions, celebrate the number of women racing and training throughout North America, and step back and remember what’s fun about skiing and training.

Here’s the video requirements:

  • the video should be about 3 minutes long
  • hardcore training and humor are encouraged
  • the color pink should make an appearance in your film
  • you must include a short introduction to your team/training group

To submit your video, upload it to youtube and title it “U.S. Ski Team Women’s Video Challenge – (team/group name)”. Then send a link to xcgirlsrock@gmail.com. The deadline is July 15th. Happy filming!

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