One last Time Trial…

By November 20, 2011 No Comments

So, earlier in the fall while I was in Park City, I promised myself that the sprint time trial there would be the last time trial I’d do for the 2011-12 season. Turns out I lied to myself! I really don’t like getting nervous before races, so for me, time trialing is not a super fun experience. I’d always choose intervals instead. But, I also have a habit of getting waaay too nervous before the first race of the year, and worrying about dialing in my pre-race routine. So this morning I did a 4km time trial to get my first “race” of the season out of the way!

I did it classic so I could practice testing skis and zoning in my kickwax. Cork was in the stadium helping me dial it in, and then zipped out to a big hill on the course to grab some video as I went by. I warmed up just like I would for a race, but then it was so cold outside (4 degrees F!) that I couldn’t bring myself to take off my warmups, so I just raced in my pants and jacket. So pro! The effort was really hard but felt good and now I’ll be much more relaxed and confident when race day rolls around.

And I got to see my high school Stillwater ladies out on the trails today! My little sister is here training with the team and it will be really nice to hang out with my friends and be with family for Thanksgiving. Can’t wait!

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