Nationals – day ONE!

By January 2, 2011 No Comments

Hello from Rumford, Maine! Where the smokestacks create a truly interesting smell throughout town, where the restaurants kick butt and where Mother Nature kicks our butt.

We’ve been challenged by a lack of snow and extremely warm temperatures which melted a lot of the existing snow. There were some volunteers shoveling along the sprint course, but even so, the men’s sprint loop was changed to the women’s course to save on snow, and there were still some dirt patches. However, they pulled it off and we still raced! And I was really impressed with the coaches working so hard to meet the tough conditions with rain early on this morning and the sun coming out right before the heats. At the end of the day Jennie got 7th, I got 9th and Garrott got 7th.

Word is the next race, the classic 10/15km, has been postponed to Wednesday in order to give the race organizers enough time to patch up the race course. Lets hope it gets cold enough to make snow!

I’ve attached a link to the official website for nationals HERE.