My Favorite 10 at Lake Placid

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Now that I’ve been at the OTC in Lake Placid for about a month, I’ve been frequently asked what exactly I DO to entertain myself in between training sessions. So here’s my answer: my top 10 favorite things to do at the OTC.

1.Go around the rollerski loop at the Olypmic Jumping Complex again…and again…and again…

And when life hands you lemons (in the form of rain on a sprint day)…just hammer it out and make yourself tougher!

Photo credit to Fasterskier and NCCSEF: their coverages of the event are linked.

2.Experiment with the different modes of recovery – foam rollers, ice baths, contrast baths, “moon boots”.

Even if the ice baths aren’t always fun

Izzy Caldwell taking it easy.

3. Find ways to spice up the strength routine – making jumps fun (and dare I say stylish?)

……….even when it doesn’t go quite as planned……

4.Going to the top of the jump towers

5. Joining the hundreds of “leaf peepers” and enjoying the fall colors.

6. Arts and Crafts projects – I went into town and found a dress, embroidery floss and a needle, and spent some quality time sewing and watching trashy TV shows!

7. Stack up the weights and try not to look too wimpy in front of the crazy strong bobsledders!!!

8. Yes, this is a plant on my windowsill. It is basil. The fact that I’ve been growing plants in my room shows how much extra time I’ve got. And it’s been very nice.

9. Sit and scheme up ways to get onto the extremely large trampoline reserved for the aerialists. The cable chained across the middle of the tramp is quite a problem.

10. Stroll into town and enjoy the tourism, pumpkin spice lattes, and fresh air.

Below is the hockey rink where the US took down the USSR. It’s sorta kinda famous.

So am I sad to be leaving? Yep. But I’m also really looking forward to seeing my family and just being home again. Minnesota, here I come!

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