Mid-Mountain Jamming

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Dear Park City; I’ve missed you. It’s good to see you, your sick trail system, and copious amounts of Vitamin D again.

Awesome trail running

I’m living at about 8,000 feet in the USST condo, which is super close to what might be my all-time favorite single-track trail to run. The Mid-Mountain trail is super long, rolling, with just enough roots and rocks to keep you on your toes.


Here’s a “virtual tour” of my run!

The single track through the trees is my favorite

It was awesome, except for the crazy-huge slug I almost stepped on. Slug guts all over me = minor freakout!

Seriously?!? They make slugs THAT big?

I was sad about missing the changing leaves at home – fall in Afton has some seriously beautiful rollerski routes. I’d thought that all the “tree” in Park City would be knee high and brown, but I was wrong! The leaves are starting to change and the views were great.

View over the town

So I’m getting settled in for a month of high-altitude living and training. Thursday at the Center of Excellence, I get to rollerski on the giant treadmill again for some testing, and then camp gets rolling!

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