Learning Curve

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Last weekend, I got to help out at the Gear West Superfit/Pig Out Sale. It was really fun to meet new people and get better at fitting skis to people and marking kick wax zones. Every time, I learn more about what makes a good pair of skis and how to tell. It feels good to know more about the skis I race on because as an athlete, sometimes it’s easy to just have your coach pick your skis for you. S0 then you go race…and don’t think twice about the lengthy decision process going on before the skis even get waxed. I’m still going to be getting help picking skis, since I’m pretty new to this, but it’s good to know and appreciate how the process works!

Gus and Brian using the pressure mat to test a pair of skis

The pressure mat is pretty cool because it shows exactly how your weight is distributed over the skis and you can tell if there are any “hot spots”, where the tip of the ski is going to plow into the snow or not. The good ‘ol paper test on a flat board still works perfectly well, of course, but it doesn’t provide the sweet visuals.

Gus showing off his new boot

Also, there is some sad news to report. Gus, our coach, broke his foot while running! However, he’s got “the boot” so he’ll be fixed up in no time. We have pretty tough coaches on the CXC team.

So now I’m in Park City – I flew in last night and I’m staying in one of the US Ski Team’s condos up in Deer Valley. We’re living at pretty high altitude for a month to get a good training block in, and I’m really excited! Sweet pictures to come soon.

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