On the water again

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I’ve had an awesome few weeks at home, and yesterday I got to spend the day at my Pepe and Grandma K’s house on the Mississippi River. We had an awesome time tubing, swimming, and my little sister learned how to drop a ski waterskiing!

Maddy was excited to go tubing!

 It was great to spend time with my cousins and family! It was a little chilly out, and my lips turned purple, but once I start tubing I get too excited to worry over trivial things like “core body temperature” and “hypothermia”.

Uncle Peter and John "steering" the boat 🙂

 Maddie was really excited to go tubing, and after she got back to the beach, the only thing she could say was “that was TOTALLY WICKED!” for about 5 minutes!

What a cutie pie

Every summer, we hook up two tubes behind the boat and have some pretty fierce tubing wars!

Tubing with Kenzie and Alex

Usually, the strategy is to jump onto the other tube when the tubes connect on a corner. Or kick the edge of the other tube so it flips….or just pull people off by their life jacket strings. It gets pretty creative out there!

Alex pulling a risky move

For the record, we all ended up in the water. And per my usual, I had a truly spectacular crash! I hit a wave and was in the air, and when I came down my feet flipped up over my head and my body made the letter “C”…and the spectacular part of this was that my feet were the top of letter, not my head. Until that moment, I truly did not know how bendable my back is. I tipped over the front of the tube and was promptly run over by it. It was, as my cousin Maddy says, TOTALLY WICKED!

John:2 Me:0

I’m ready to spend one more week at home before getting back to camp life!