Last post of the Sweden camp

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The last half of the camp in Torsby was truly amazing. In between skiing laps..and laps…and a couple more laps…in the tunnel, we spent our rest time chilling in the sun, exploring the town, taking a FIKA (yummy afternoon snack), swimming, and playing guitar.

Jumping off the platform in between Lisa and Chandra!

It’s funny how tackling something truly hard really bring teammates even closer. Doing a camp with 4-5 hours of training every day wears you down but once you’ve finished, you feel like you can do anything. Especially when you’ve got your teammates there supporting you, and you have good friends to cheer on as well!

One last cute picture from bowling night!

I was so sad to leave the Swedes and camp life in Torsby, but it will be so nice to see all our new friends again this winter. It will make the World Cup even better, having even more friends to hang out with!

Holly and Liz hanging out with Peter, one of our wax techs from Sweden

One of the more interesting workouts we did was a strength session, using each other as human weights. We bench pressed each other, squatted each other, and did situps, hamstring curls and pushups with a parter providing resistance instead of weights. It was hard, but not as scary as when we had to toss 20kg weights back and forth while moving in the volleyball sand pit!

Chandra and Kikkan showing how it's done. (Matt photo)

Me squatting Chandra, my strength buddy! (Matt photo)

Kikk, Liz and Holly showing what a lot of hard work can look like! MUSCLES!!! (picture from Kikk)

At the end of camp we got a big round of hugs from the Swedish girls before driving to Oslo for a night, then flying back. I went straight to Vermont and jumped into the SMS junior’s summer training camp as a counselor, which was perfect for helping shake off jetlag since it kept me awake till bedtime! I think it’s always much easier going west than east in terms of jetlag and tireness, but it’s best to have stuff going on to keep you busy so you sleep well.

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