Just another day in the life of a disorganized Junior…

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Holy Moly, today’s been one crazy morning! (crazy in a good way, of course…) Despite me being a bit of a disorganized mess, I got a ton of help from my teammates and coaches and learned how to just roll with what happens. Funny how NOBODY was surprised at all of this….just another day in the life of a Junior trying to get her life organized!

(The lovely house of Rick and Sheryl Ewings, where the CXC women are staying.)

Here’s the deal: I have a whole list of things that I goofed up and things that weren’t actually my fault either but still got goofed up. All of which ended up okay!

I forgot my contact lenses this morning and since my eyesight is just bad enough that I can’t legally drive, I decided it’d be okay and hopefully I wouldn’t trip over an ice chunk. Last week I lost my race suit bottoms so I dug up last year’s suit to race in. I lost my hair binders (Jennie found them for me), and I broke my watch but was able to make it reset by popping off the back. Melissa and I accidentally switched one of our boots (her orthotics were super comfy though) but we got it figured out before we left the warming hut. I had the pleasure of cutting up a hat into a headband so I could race in a headband like I usually do and still be sponsor correct (that part was really fun).

Aaaaand….right before my sprint start, someone accidentally grabbed my poles. I spent the last seven minutes of my warm up in absolute freak-out mode, looking all over for what simply wasn’t there. I even asked the race announcer to give a shout-out to the coaches to see if they could grab me a pair of poles from a girl who’d already finished the sprint, but the girl who’d accidentally been using my poles found me about a minute before I started. And of course, I got a lot of crap from everyone after the race about not having my poles with me – how typical.

I actually think that all of this was the best thing that could have happened to me, because it got my adrenaline pumping hard and since I’m sure I’ll encounter weird things in the future, I’m now prepared!

The view from the Ewings’ deck. Beautiful!

Rossland is such a nice town – it’s really pretty with some seriously sweet views!

The girls went on a jog overlooking town…

Ninja style!

Looking forward to the 5km skate tomorrow. Getting ready to race hard again!

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