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I think maybe today we’ll go rollerskiing up a mountain. Ja?!? Jättebra! (means very good in Swedish)

Kikkan leading the pain train (Whitcomb photo)

We finished up our dryland part of the camp and drove down to Torsby yesterday for 4 days of tunnel skiing.

The roads in Salen are great for rollerskiing (Whitcomb photo)

After four days of so much volume (18 hours! With 2 strength sessions and 2 intensity sessions) the day off was very welcome.

Matt put together a great video with clips from the dryland part of the camp:


The Swedish coaches: Lasse (head coach), Robin (assistant WC coach), Rikard (woman's coach) and Anders (team PT) (Whitcomb photo)

The Swedish coaches are super nice and friendly, and really good about finding good rollerski and running routes to keep the training interesting.

One last classic interval... (Whitcomb photo)

During our skate sprint day, a local ski club came out to cheer along the side of the road, along with about 20 other local people interested in viewing the commotion. It’s not every day that you get a bunch of enthusiastic fans cheering on your intensity sessions!

These little skiers came out to cheer for us on sprint day! (Whitcomb photo)

Because in the US we train on rollerskis with slower rolling wheels, Ahvo of Finn Sisu sent us some faster wheels that match the Swedish skis, so that we could train right in the mix. Thanks Finn Sisu for helping us to train with our new friends!

Thank you so much Ahvo and Finn Sisu for sending us Marwe skis to train on here! They have been awesome. (Whitcomb photo)


When it's interval time, the side of the road looks something like this (Whitcomb photo)

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