Hello from Stratton, Vermont! Training is in full swing, and it feels crazy to think we’re cruising right through August. We’ve been working hard, and since I last posted in May (whoopsies) we’ve been balancing that hard training with good quality team hangout time, a mini-camp, birthday cakes, fun runs and more birthday cakes.

Pat, demonstrating what it means to be a coach: the ability to remain calm and focused when it’s chaos around you. (photo by Bill Harmeyer)

Essentially, this is a big photo diary of the last few months of summer training! Enjoy!

Alayna, Lina and I enjoying all the Vermont things
Alayna and Ian demonstrating how to enjoy farmers market bread

Earlier in June a group of us got together to run the Presidential Traverse up in the white mountains of New Hampshire, about 3 hours away from Stratton. If you’re a frequent blog reader, you’ve probably heard me talk about this run before; an 18-mile traverse that covers the Presidential mountain range, 8 peaks, and about 8,000 feet of climbing. It took us around 6.5 hours of running/hiking to complete, and about a week until my calves weren’t sore anymore!

The fog opened up and we got some cool views of the Presidential range!
I really love this run! (photo from Adam Glueck)

Finding simple ways to gather as a team outside of sweaty training time has been really awesome. Here, one of our many potluck grill dinners.

Team potluck grill out evening. We love these chances to hang out and connect outside of training.
Girls group run!

We had a mini training camp up at Green Woodlands, and loved the mountain biking, swimming and new running in the area!

Team campfire moments…amazing (photo by Julia)
Biking! Yes, I, too, was mountain biking. Lina, Alayna and Julia pictured here.
Possibly the best thing I’ve ever baked in my life, hands-down.
Thomas, myself and Anne on a fun Franconia ridge run

We celebrated Midsommer with our resident Swedish newcomer to the SMST2 team – Lina Sutro!

Alayna and I
Will, Ian and Bill.
Our SMST2 squad: Ian Torchia, Ben Ogden, Bill Harmeyer, Will Koch, Alayna Sonnesyn, Julia Kern, Pat O’Brien, Lina Sutro, Katharine Ogden, Jessie Diggins.

Another big part of my life as a professional athlete is working with incredible partners. I know you don’t always love the #ads on social media…and I get that. But here’s the thing…I only work with companies I really like, products I actually use and who support me as a person, not just as an athlete. What do I mean by that? I mean that the companies I’m working with now are thrilled about my work with Protect Our Winters, my work with the Emily Program and WithAll, and Share Winter. In supporting me, they also often also donate time, money and gear directly to organizations I care about, and indirectly, their support of me means that my limited free time in between training can be focused on the good I can do rather than trying to fund-raise year round. I get to spend my time trying to make the best impact I can on the community, whether that’s working to provide information and support to people learning how to support someone going through an eating disorder or answering Q&A about why strength training is awesome (and not something to be scared of)! I adore my job, and I love that the partnerships I have allow me to do as much of it as I can take on!

Signing Toyota posters for a couple up-and-coming athletes at the Olympic watch party cheering on Team USA!
Totally in love with this special Olympic year glove design with Swix! The votes came back and the version you can buy this late fall/winter will have gold dust around the stars.
Pull-ups under pressure! Getting used to doing shoots (sort of).
Ian and I doing Q&A with the Stratton Mountain School kids and juniors camps (photo by George Forbes)
Alayna, Lina, Julia, KO and I doing Q&A and giving a talk to the VT Fusion women’s soccer team! These girls were awesome.
Cheering on our new friends at the VT Fusion Soccer game! (not sure if you can see the score in the background…but they CRUSHED).
On a gravel-road ride with Lina and Julia!
Strong women pushing strong women. (photo by Matt Whitcomb)
The chocolate peanut butter Reeses cake I made for Wade’s birthday. Well worth the time fussing over it, I tell you.
Talking with my hands, always. (photo by Julia)
Working hard during a time trial effort! (photo by Matt Whitcomb)
Wade and I enjoying the gorgeous atmosphere of Brian and Laura’s wedding up in Maine!
A rainy day run means spongy soft landings!
Lina and I all dressed up for girls night out!
Ouchies! Hard bounding intervals up Stratton Mountain (photo by Julia)
Julia and I post-hard interval session. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing here. (photo by Matt Whitcomb)
Foraging in my little garden – one of my favorite things to do.

Our next upcoming training camp is in the ski tunnel in Oberhof, Germany at the end of August. I’m thrilled to be getting back on snow and spending every second of my time wisely, getting back that striding feel and working on technique while I have the opportunity to be skiing again! In the meantime…back to our usual program of crushing one working after another. 🙂