In CANADA (finally!)

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After another looong road trip, the CXC team is moved in and ready to train! I think Silver Star might just be my favorite place on the Western tour. Maybe it’s all the bright pink, purple and blue houses with neon lights. Maybe it’s the fact that you can only ski or walk down main street. Maybe it’s all the Australian accents floating around. A big part of Silver Star is the amazing skiing and snow here – the trails are wide with challenging climbs and fast downs. But mostely, I really enjoy being in Canada…being the duel citizen that I am, I have a whole lot of MN pride but absolutely love Canadians as well.

Adventure skiing...sometimes it's fun to get lost

Today we skied home from the venue and made it to the top of the alpine runs…

Sara, Me and Jennie at the top! (photo taken by Karl)

and then bombed down trying to check speed as little as possible! What a rush. Super fun ski, even though I got a wicked headache from the cold wind as we went down the mountain!

Ready to fly down! (picture taken by Jennie)

Here’s some pictures from our epic road trip: usually, we start off pretty pumped to be going somewhere, then get sad that we’re stuck in the car so long, then get goofy. 🙂


Every day we're shufflin....in the van...

Are we there YET?!?

No idea what was going on here...


We’re staying at the Pinnacles, in this condo with a super cool bunkroom. I’m in a room with Sara and Jennie, and my bed is in the very attic, above the set of bunk beds. Pretty sick.

Jennie showing off the bunk...and my bed is up the ladder! (which is very, very steep, by the way)

We race a classic sprint on Saturday, and a 10km classic on Sunday. The weather’s been really nice so far so hopefully I’ll have more good pictures up soon!