Hey, nice to see you…I’ll be back in 5 months!

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Here’s a little secret: I am secretly a hoarder….of hugs and handshakes. Ever since my plane landed in Minnesota I have been rushing around trying to see as many people as possible and do as many clinics and sponsor events as I can.

Because after 12pm this Sunday, I won’t be in the USA for 5 months!

The World Cup season is coming in hot, and I’m sooooo psyched for it. But first, some pictures from the past two weeks.

I went to the St. Croix Valley Skier’s annual ski swap to play ski games with the kids…and then our usual high-energy, unusual-strategy, all-important games of capture the flag.

The important boundary line in "capture the flag", which seemed to shift as the game went on

This is a great group and despite the lack of good snow last season everyone was fired up and ready for ski club to start!

capture the flag - round #6

I also got to join the 3G Nordic girls for a classic technique workout on Saturday. They were really into it and got to learn a new drill or two!

The 3G nordic girls after a rollerski

This afternoon I spent “acting” in a commercial for the Slumberland Furniture store in Red Wing (which is where my Mom works). Slumberland has been an amazing sponsor for me, and they have given me great support for the season. So it was fun to go be in one of their commercials!

Finn Sisu was also the place to be tonight, as high school kids were getting decked out with new equipment. I kept having the impulse to jump in line for the ski fitting board and throw on my old Stillwater High Nordic jacket!

Anyways, I need to go make the cranberry dressing now. I’m making my family have a super early Thanksgiving dinner/Christmas dinner with me so I don’t miss it!

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